Fall Comes in Threes

Fall Comes in Threes

Kim Salac
Media Staff

“Let’s Go Next Weekend!”

warm, autumnal orange
the kind that made me want
to grab my docs, and a pair of shears
and make the 26 minute drive to Chiles
to pick the perfect pumpkin, the
perfect shade of autumnal
orange, with the most
perfect of friends.

“I Would’ve Driven the Cookies Four Hours Away”

my third batch of burnt cookies was starting to get to me
but you didn’t seem to mind at all,
i had four candles going at once
and my ghost blanket slung on the back of the couch.
you reminded me that I was the sugar lover,
and you didn’t need me to make you chocolate chip cookies
(good, because I burned those, too)

“My November Wish”

we interlock our fingers as
we carefully start to make
our way through the corn maze,
the rain from the night before
makes the ground muddy and red
so we give in, and follow
the left side of the maze
with mud on our ankles
(could we go there now?)