Kim Salac

Kim Salac
Media Staff

Kim is currently an Aunspaugh Fellow with UVA's Department of Art. In their free time, they love watching Moonlight director commentaries or films in general, being a mediocre cook, and exploring fashion. As a queer artist of color, their work often reflects a desire to unpack the spaces we live in and the identities we hold close as a means to push for social justice. Their portfolio can be found at



an house on fire against a dark, black background

I drive, gripping my steering wheel, towering electric poles zooming by like lanky giants.

a dark hallway with orange accents

This film employs the act of doing laundry, in its habitual, cyclical mundaneness, to reflect a deep longing for a cultural heritage under the strain of constant, quiet erasure.

a bright blue outline of a body falling downward on a background of red swirls

“Why do you think you still have to stay there, after everything that’s happened?” my best friend whispers, her concern ringing out in this childhood bedroom. Nestling my head into the crook of my arm, I struggle to open my eyes, puffy and bloodshot from the evening.

astronaut in space

Over black, a distant melody breaks through: the SOUND of waves crashing on a shore, an undulating rumbling in the distance...