Daphenie Joseph
Media Staff

Do you see me as I see myself in your reflection?

Looking down on your water that coats my skin a color I share with all 

Years and years ago 

Do you recognize me as your own?



I’ve tried to wash this color off, 


Mud yellow 

A shade covering me 

as I dip in 

I want to bathe in you 

to dye my hair lighter and lighter 

I’m desperately scrubbing it off 

This shade of yellow 

Would you wash it off of me? 


Mama, your temper is not to be tampered

My footsteps in the stream bed, 

The bed laid with millions of those who come before me

The foolish and the innocents 

Their boots soaked with your touches and caresses

Until you decided to hug them deeper 

Deeper until they are all drowned out in love 


You flow fearlessly 

Throughout the start and end of history 

You nurture and kill 

You raise then reject 

Would you float around me 

when I’m battered with colors of the others 



I used to lay beside you 

I hear 

your screams and roars 

Your rage and your sorrows 

I lay beneath the greens you fostered 

And I listen to you 



Tell me that I’m still 

lying beside you 

My skin 

still blends in with yours 

The skin 

you molded from mud and dirt 

Would you teach me how to love this creation? 



I’m stepping into your embrace 

Little by little my skin turns in shade 

And your arms are around me again Oh your gentle touches

You pull me closer to you 

Closer and warmer 

Your arms embrace me 


I am once again your child 

of clay