nothing in nature

nothing in nature

Kim Salac
Media Staff

I miss pre-pandemic me


I used to be efficient, a self-starter, a machine

now I cover the bags under my eyes with a concealer two shades lighter than I used to be


I used to plow ahead, eyes forward, carefree

now I reflect, write about the past, grieve


I wish I had lost my craving for success, my ache for prestige

but I still force myself to be the center—where Copernicus thought the sun might be


I love the attention, but I hate being perceived.


I was a flower in full bloom

suddenly deprived of purpose, fresh air, sunlight


I wilted in isolation, shed leaves in my childhood bedroom

and begged my dehydrated limbs to carry me through two years, eight seasons


I’m better now—a little less sad, a bit more anxious

my petals have a hopeful hue


I pray to God this winter isn’t my prime

he says nothing in nature is always in bloom