Addison Gilligan

Addison Gilligan
Editorial Staff

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Addie is a fourth-year student majoring in English literature. When she isn’t reading, she’s probably bartending at Asado, applying to grad school, or writing her senior thesis. She’s hoping to become a technical writer, a famous literary agent, or something that allows her to live in a big city.

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I don’t know much about music, unless you count the piano lessons my mom made me take when I was eight.

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I listen to her voice break on the other side of the line, describing all the things he did to make her feel Crazy.

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Even as a kid, I never really liked dressing up for Halloween. It has a little to do with really hating being looked at, probably. And it has a lot to do with hating not being seen, probably.

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As she shapes my nails, we talk about the state of modern poetry, of literature as a magnum for capitalist venture...

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July 25th, 2021

I feel like I am floating after this untethering. Like a balloon headed for the clouds, in that dually melancholy and pleasing way. After this life change, I was expecting my reality to crash around me. This not-quite painful floating sensation has taken me off guard. Losing love is a funny thing.


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A note to readers: The following piece was written prior to the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. In the time between the closing of polls and the announcement of President-Elect Joe Biden's victory, these ponderings came to be.


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I fall in love every day. My boyfriend worries that I’m unfaithful. Little does he know.

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Tonight feels like fall. Like the type of weather that makes you imagine sweaters and sweatshirts comfortably, and makes me want to pull out a book and drink something hot. Mosquitoes are still biting me, but other than that this is my perfect climate.

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I’ve never really been one to appreciate change. At least, that's the label that I’ve upheld since childhood. I can still hear my dad saying, “Yeah, Addie really doesn’t like change,” explaining away the weird quirks I refused to let go of.