Bel Banta


Bel Banta is a fourth year English major from New York. When she's in the city, she spends too much time browsing for books at the Strand. When she's in Charlottesville, she spends too much time reading the books that she bought at the Strand. For more of Bel's writing, visit

Hand drawn cell phone on a yellow background

Posting a picture to Instagram is an event. The right filter must be found, a witty caption conjured. As likes accumulate, it is as if each screen tap is a reflection on you as a person. Not just the way you look, but also how you are perceived by others.

Stack of books with various women authors

I am tired of spunky heroines and one-dimensional love interests. I am neither of these types of woman, and it is not often that I see myself reflected in literature. This is because, like most women, I am anything but perfect. If I were to be a character, I would sleep until noon and sometimes say things I shouldn’t.

Human heart on a sky blue background

There is a website I used to frequent called “Who’s Dated Who." Its purpose is exactly what it sounds like: to inform us mortals about the love lives of the rich and famous.

An elephant and a donkey sitting at opposite ends of a table

My dad is sitting across from me eating Eggos. He doesn’t eat them gracefully. They are stuffed into his mouth, loudly chewed, sugars clinging onto fat as they enter his bloodstream. I imagine my dad’s body is made of all the unhealthy things: corn syrup, GMO’s, candy bars.

A heart with the words "cuffing season" printed in it, surrounded by calendars

I wake up alone in bed. A winter chill has somehow drifted through the window I struggled to shut the night before. All I can do is pull the covers around me and huddle for warmth.

Shower head with water coming out


She raised the tequila to her lips and tilted her head back. It would take some time for the confidence to set in, so she waited.

Tombstone with the letters "RIP"  in front of a yellow background

The hypochondria comes at night. Always at night.           

Thermometer with the letters "PMS"

On a crisp, sunshine-and-laughter kind of day, I break up with my boyfriend.