Jasmine Wang

Jasmine Wang
Editorial Staff


Jasmine is a third year double majoring in English and Political & Social Thought. She is interested in studying restorative literature, the reciprocal cycle of intergenerational trauma, and the rediscovery of pleasure following sexual trauma. In her free time, she is obsessed with baking for her friends, fueling her Tetris addiction, tying bows in her hair, and wearing platform shoes.

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Most love stories begin with a hello, ours began with a ransacked lunchbox, a stolen spork, and a touch of pyromania.

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I am a material girl. Some might call me a shopaholic for thinking that a pair of Maison Margiela tabi ballerina heels—ones that would make my feet look like horse hoofs and allow me to trot around grounds—would bring me the most joy in the world, but it’s just the truth and I cannot lie.

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My mother was born with a green ribbon wrapped around her left thumb

Red ink pen

Monday grips a pen
Neurotic scribbles fill a blank page

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Oh, how I love female camaraderie. I love the way our room booms with Ice Spice and NewJeans as we ask each other, “Do my eyebrows look even” or “Is it a skirt day?”

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It’s January 27th today. Lunar New Year’s Eve.

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I hated my mother for a long time. And right now, I cringe at the sight of those words on a page because I have never uttered them out loud, much less to another person.

UVA students

Short interviews with various UVA students on how they approach their own style, where they draw inspiration from, and where they like to shop.

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The morning air felt thick with secrecy, and the forest beyond the porch beckoned Jack into its pulsing green heart.

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To everyone in a romantic relationship, trust me, this letter is the last thing I want to be writing in a place like this 

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An interview with transgender students at UVA