Kexuan Liu

Kexuan Liu

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Kexuan is a third year studying Philosophy and Anthropology. She is passionate about memory, relational ethics, and interpretation theory. When she is not in Clemons library or Cocke Hall reading, she is probably chilling with friends or playing tennis at the Snyder Tennis Center. Her favorite activities (apart from reading books and chatting and playing tennis) are reading other people’s journals and mind-wandering.

a hand scrolling on a phone screen with teal background

When midnight comes, I open EasyNet, click on a song, and observe the number of comments that are welled up with melancholy and wistfulness springing up like mushrooms after raining.

an open desktop that says chatroom

Q, who are you?
A being that is capable of loving, and being happy.

a brain surrounded by echoing brain silhouettes

I am what you call ‘a mind.’

two blue face shapes with an orange face in between

I cannot choose but bear it, or I cannot choose but wear my face with me, as always.

stack of books with egg shells surrounding it

I’m compelled not only to read, but also to consider the complete worldview of others, painfully seeing the crack that puts my world at crisis...

person writing

Is there truly a way to hide oneself when writing?