Lauren Mesina

Lauren Mesina

Pronouns: they/she

Mesina is a third year student studying English in the Area Program for Poetry Writing and Anthropology. They are passionate about decolonizing their way of thinking by learning about their pre-colonial heritage and exploring self-expression through poetry. In their free time, they like playing with their cats Stevie and Finneas, curating funky outfits, and learning new tricks on their skateboard.

shelves of SPAM on a wall in blue cans

When I was a kid, Saturday mornings meant a breakfast of fried rice, a runny egg, and SPAM—a staple in our pantry growing up.

a blue package with red tape

You traded our Mother's nest for the rich spit
that watered your seeds, only to sprout Sam's lies:
We need YOU to believe in meritocracy

an orange house sits in a landscape with orange clouds

Green wraps its arms around four walls
squeezing them tight only allowing
wind’s small squeals to seep through the crevices

two hands holding a passion fruit

During midsummer's stickiest days, Tatay would tend his garden until the sun started to fade.

red candles in black background

now press your tongue against your teeth

say rot! say truth! say life’s a brutal game

two hands are shown with tattoos with a green background

It is not only to follow or imitate

the tradition of our elders of yesterday


these hands

like those that came before us

reach the pure ether

where gods live

where I live

catching every fruitful tear

as if the answer to me