Lexi Toufas

Lexi Toufas
Editorial Staff

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Lexi is a fourth-year English major. She enjoys bird-watching, crocheting, and taking long walks (especially when flowers and colorful fungi are involved). Her favorite bird is a toss between the Carolina Chickadee and the American Goldfinch.

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Letter from the editor for the final issue of the 2021-22 academic year.

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Letter from the Editor for the Body issue.

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Letter from the Editor for an open theme issue.

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Letter from the Editor for the music issue

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Editor's letter for the love issue.

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This cycle's theme is food/cooking.

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A letter detailing the beautiful work this issue for Halloween!

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I find cemeteries to be awkward places. I feel incredibly self-conscious in grocery stores, but a cemetery that living people are visiting is a thousand times worse, especially when you can’t find the grave you are looking for.

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Our theme this cycle was “Nature,” and our beautifully creative authors took this in many more ways than just the “outdoors.”

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My neighbor at my childhood home was a mechanic. He and I used to race on Ripsticks up our long shared driveway in the afternoons after school. Whenever I saw the light on and the garage door open to his shop, however, I’d throw my bookbag down and book it over to watch him tinker with a metal conglomeration in the hood of a car.