Lily Patterson


Lily Patterson is a fourth year from Carmel, California, majoring in English and Art History. In addition to intering with Iris (2016-2017), she is an active member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, VISAS, The Pioneer, and is a college writer for The Huffington Post.


musical notes and female power sign


Need some relief from the insidious creep of approaching midterms? Check out these 8 music videos – some old, some new – made by and for women.



You’re at a party. You’re laughing, probably holding a cup of something, or using those hands to wave high in the air, dancing, or grabbing a friend around the shoulders, drawing them into a tight hug.

This October, a new kind of clubhouse opened on New York’s East 20th Street. The space offers up a cafe and comfortable workspaces; a meticulously curated library;

Hair on the Brain

For this installment I took to the streets (metaphorically speaking) to interview a few friends about their hair and the intrinsic and imposed identities those little bundles of keratin confer.

It's Hair, for God's Sake

Bleached and dyed and tugged and straightened and curled and dried and oiled and trimmed and chopped. It’s a cumulative result, a regenerative but at the very least temporally affected font of keratin that can be a vehicle for self-expression, a curtain of self-defense, or somewhere in between. It’s a woman’s hair.