Mackenzie Williams

Mackenzie Williams

Mackenzie Williams is a third year from Seattle studying Political & Social Thought and English. She collaborated with Jia Tolentino on her essay "We Come from Old Virginia" for the New York Times bestselling book Trick Mirror. Mackenzie pretends to be Kathleen Kelly in her spare time. 

Open book with waves

I spent 20 days alone while abroad this summer, during which time I had ample opportunity to think about reading; I spent more time thinking about reading than actually reading. I read a lot, between 75 and 100 books per year.

Symbol of UVA Survivors

Last month I found myself sitting around a stranger’s kitchen table with a group of sexual assault survivors and co-conspirators, plotting.

Witch hat

You will be asked one question when your house drops in Oz.

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

Three redheaded women

Redheads, of course, are not like other girls. In literature (and just maybe in life), red hair is an encoded promise to deliver the heroine from standard girlhood; it guarantees a life worth telling, implying that most girls’ are not.