Sierra Loudermilk


Hi everybody! My name is Sierra Loudermilk. I'm a fourth year CLAS student double majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality and African American Studies hoping to pursue a career in non-profit work after graduation. When I'm not furiously sharing NPR articles on my Facebook or circulating ~premium~ intersectional content on Twitter, you can usually find me reading outside somewhere or curled up in bed with Netflix and friends. I love all things sweet (except chocolate), I have a baby seal tattooed on my ribcage, and I aspire to make fun of myself at least once a day.

Vase with wilting flowers

an apology to my body

*Trigger Warning: content contains themes concerning disordered eating

i stare at you in the mirror and
my fingers creep down your edges
what once were curved like 
rolling hills on the skyline are now 
flat like razed earth and hard in places 
i hadn’t felt before 

Orange pill bottles

two empty bottles of Advil lying askew, another only a quarter full sits upright

an ice pack long gone warm slouches against a dirty mug

Timekeeper with most of the sand at the bottom

jesus christ, is praying still an option? i’ve been a devoutly faithless atheist for some time now,


i feel the end is nigh whenever i see the numbers “2019”