Yumna Rahman

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Pronouns: she/her/they/them

Yumna Rahman is a fourth year pursuing a Computer Science B.A. She loves all things reading and writing and will compose poetry, short stories, novels, and - yes - even formal academic papers with spirited enthusiasm. She considers herself a contemplative soul with a thirst for deep conversation, so she spends a lot of time learning and talking about feminist theory, socialism, and social justice. In her free time, Yumna enjoys working out, playing soccer, and spending quality time with friends.

two hands holding fruit

I’ve met both sisters of Persphone
one so unlike the other.

faces of two people in blue

It takes you three days to fall out of love with her.

a woman sits in a purple, dark blue, and black themed room at her laptop with a transparent angel hovering nearby

I don’t know where she goes—whatever world she’s in where her words make sense—but I envy it. I used to go there too (because writing is just talking to yourself, right?).