person in graduation ground sitting

No, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing After Graduation

Returning to Grounds as a fourth year, I feel as though life is moving too fast and has suddenly gotten away from me.

matches and candle

If You Liked Disney Channel’s 16 Wishes, You’ll Love My 22 Wishes

One thing about me? I take birthdays very seriously. One birthday in particular, actually—mine.

Body dancing through a gym



I watched from the top of the staircase tonight as you gripped the railing on the way down, knuckles white and still bony from the years you let me hold them. 

white roses, two pens, a journal and a cup of coffee on a light green background.

On Year-Old Journal Entries

Summer 2022 was easily one of the best times of my life: weeks spent in the sun and the outdoors, with friends, and a great sense of purpose working for the first time at my childhood summer camp.

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Why I Sing: A Family History

My fondest childhood memories involved two simple things: a kitchen counter, and a song. 

girl looking out into the distance with her thoughts suspended all around her

good enough ii

two cultured,
my mind cluttered,
i struggle,
attempt to juggle. 

person listening to music with headphones on

The Many Layers of Me

This photo was taken on a Tuesday morning before a long day of classes. Tuesday is by far my busiest day of the week, yet I conjure up the funkiest outfit possible in the small window of time I have before inevitably running late to my 11 am class.

A crowd of people watching dancers performing on stage

The Waves Within Me

Everyone around me is in constant motion, much like the waves roiling and knots coiling inside me. I so badly want to join in on the excitement. I want to enjoy the moment.

Multiple parts of different faces pieced together

You Are Enough: An Interview with MRSC Members

Cassie (she/her): Hi Emma Mei and Acacia, can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself? What year are you, what are your pronouns, what is your racial/ethnic identity, and how long have you been in Mixed Race Student Coalition (MRSC)

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6 Songs to Listen to While Having an Identity Crisis

At eight years old, plead with your father to turn off the Spanish-language songs blaring from the radio. “English songs only!” you demand, longing to find a sense of familiarity in the lyrics of the songs you listened to.