letter with red seal

We've Got Mail

Dear Future Jordan,

Do you remember when we discovered Percy Jackson?

letter above a middle school

To My Middle School Idols

Middle school, almost by definition, is not supposed to be a place where anyone thrives.

canvas paintings on easels

In My Ideal Universe

My body, mind, and soul are a solar system

Made up of hundreds of moons, millions of asteroids, and a multitude of planets

The depth of my composition largely unexplored

coffee pot and cup of coffee

ቡና : Coffee : Liquid Gold

An ode, an homage to these storied Ethiopian highlands, a chess board of the gods as Homer once said, where goats and shepherds have become their chess pieces, shrouded in the gauzy mist of early dawn. A curious goatherd rolls the beans up and down the length of his sun-kissed calloused fingers—a tradition is born.

photo of mary, miriella, and jasmine

The Story of Jasmine (as told by and to Iris)

Our editor, mentor, colleague, friend

Who shepherds Iris to the end,...

Poet and scholar who dares to dream—

In Jasmine’s light we all feel seen.

Portrait of Bailey in orange

The Bailey Middleton Playlist

About a year ago, one of Bailey’s poems hooked me onto Iris as a new reader. Today, as a fellow Iris writer, I get to talk to Bailey about community, her music recommendations, and what Iris has brought to our lives.

Portrait of Caroline

A Storyteller’s Story: The Artistry of Caroline Silvera

Caroline Silvera applied to Iris magazine one year ago as a second year without any writing experience. Surprising right? Most wouldn’t guess by the variety and depth of her pieces, not to mention the title of “author” beneath her name on the Iris website, that she had never considered herself a writer before. 

photo of mary, miriella, and jasmine

On Mary Esselman: A Love Letter to the Girl and the Fish

Mary has lived many lives, as a journalist for People nagazine, a Georgetown University professor, a Discovery Channel documentarian, and a poetry anthologist, but I find her here today, as the living backbone of Iris—or more formally known as Iris Magazine’s program coordinator and editor.

hand holding pen with magic coming out of it

20 Minutes With Ella Powell

A creative force in the purest form, here is what Ella has to say about her work, her time at Iris, and her professional and authorial goals. 

Portrait of Lindsey

Meet Lindsey Smith: Raconteur, Spinner of Tales, Storyteller

Ask anyone on the Iris staff, it’s Lindsey’s unique voice that remains with them, the words are always alive, breathing off the page. Lindsey says she has little writing experience, but between you and me, she’s just being modest.