an image of a person on top of a boat sail

I Would’ve Made a Better Pirate

When Little Boy spent summers at the sea

lungs with a pink background

Two Breaths, Hold

“In through your nose, out through your mouth
in through your nose, out through your mouth”


multicolored hands holding one another

Of Thick Night and Keen Knife

Out damned spot

a series of flowers in shades of blue and yellow

nothing in nature

I miss pre-pandemic me

a window with red trimming looking out on blue background

A Collection of Poems as the Months Go By

Hot denim chokes thighs
While blissfully curled eyelashes

green water with pink fish with pink hooks in their mouths

Chris Greene

It’s not alright and it hasn’t been alright, not since you yelled at me over flowers, but the flowers weren’t really the issue.

an white phone being held up by a distubring white face

Let's Call It Gaslighting

I listen to her voice break on the other side of the line, describing all the things he did to make her feel Crazy.

an image of a foot with a blue anklet on it against a blue background

A Collection: Love Leaves Scars and Stories to Tell

i’m tired of love. of being told that love is going to fix the irrevocable loneliness of existence. because we’re not in love, are we?

a slice of birthday cake with candles on top


It was that burning sensation,
the one that grabs hold
at the base of your throat,
and you cough as if that will help.

a blue package with red tape

Balikbayan Boxes

You traded our Mother's nest for the rich spit
that watered your seeds, only to sprout Sam's lies:
We need YOU to believe in meritocracy