streaks of pink

Love Yourself in Every Language

Start with a mantra. And a mirror. 

The same words, daily. 

burning fire with hearts

To My First Love:

The love I had for you 

I did not know where to let it rest

fairies and stardust

in the face of despair, don’t forget your fairy godmother is still there

when you look up at the night sky 

what do you see?

palm with lines tracing everywhere

displaced yearning

there is a longing within me

for something that is not there

cracked mirror

Versions of Myself at a Party

One of me sways to music, stays smiling

Reaches my arms up to fractured ceilings

green witch

becoming witch

there are witches among us

created — not born

A green and pink moth pinned to a wall, attempting to break free.

pinned moth/freed moth

put a luna moth in my breast 

Yellow hands, holding a blue phone and choosing to decline the call, with green text messages surrounding the phone,

Poem to a Blocked Contact

I wish you knew what I was up to. 

girl looking out into the distance with her thoughts suspended all around her

good enough ii

two cultured,
my mind cluttered,
i struggle,
attempt to juggle. 

Birthday cake with candles that say twenty-one


There are twenty-one of me

inside of me

One for each year of life 

on this Earth