In My Ideal Universe

In My Ideal Universe

Autumn Jefferson
Media Staff

My body, mind, and soul are a solar system

Made up of hundreds of moons, millions of asteroids, and a multitude of planets

The depth of my composition largely unexplored


The restrictive nature of time and responsibility 

mold me into conformity

hinder my ability to be all that I am

to explore every comet that runs through me

the momentum that pulses through my veins


In an ideal reality

I am every part of me at once

Effortlessly traveling through my own universe


In another universe, I am vulnerable

Each element that composes my core slowly

But so quickly

Stripped down

Exposing the most imperfect parts of myself

The instability of my orbit

A naked being floating across the universe

Proudly displaying my imperfections and mistakes


In another universe, my creativity is limitless

with each phase of the moon

I create something new

Leaving no medium unexplored

or canvas blank

My artistry flows freely


In another universe, my confidence radiates

my doubts cast aside

words freely flowing 

like deep space drifting

I command the movement of the stars with my gravitational pull


In another universe, my inner child is let free

Untethered from skepticism, responsibility, or “thinking realistically”

the possibilities are endless

I dance amongst the stars

With my sisters in hand

and dogs by my side

My passions fuel my excitement for life 

Leaving my mark on every forming star


No matter where I am in my universe 

I can always return there

I will always be 

a rebellious teenager sneaking out of her house

or a little girl glued to her books

a toddler picking flowers in her backyard


In another universe, I just exist

Like the gravitational force present on Jupiter

Time moves slowly

As do I


In my ideal universe

I can be every planet at once

I am every woman that is inside of me

Breaking free from the limitations of fear and time

that make us hide ourselves from the outside world


My body, mind, and soul are a solar system

Intricate, complex, constantly in motion

Deserving of exploration to their fullest depth