Two hands clasped

A Love Letter to My Friends

To my friends, 

You are the pieces of my puzzle that make me whole. This is for you :)    

bodies floating across the page with a wavelength behind them

acoustics of sisterhood

Every sound wave is a pattern. 

Every sound wave has its own frequency, a wavelength recreated over and over again. 

Image of a heart shaped lollipop

Will the Bar Always Be in Hell?

Let's do a little exercise. Think of the attributes women often list when talking about the guys she’s dating or has just started talking to. How does she describe him?

Image of the progress flag

My First Pride

It fills my body 
Fills my body so full of light 
I am almost bursting at the seams with 
Joy so infectious I cannot avoid it if I wanted to

Image of a tea pot

When Mary Threw Me a Tea Party

It is tea time and Mary, Queen of Scots is sitting next to me on a rickety bench on a gritty sidewalk. Up the hill is a stone castle. This, I think, is what I expected adult life to be — a posh tea, flower blossoms in glass teapots.

image of sparkling mirror

My Mother, Her Daughter

I hated my mother for a long time. And right now, I cringe at the sight of those words on a page because I have never uttered them out loud, much less to another person.

image of two people holding hands

Wake Up and Break Up

To everyone in a romantic relationship, trust me, this letter is the last thing I want to be writing in a place like this 

Image of a black cat walking the street at night

I Have Felt Grief Before

This summer, I lost my cat.

a person looking at the observer with black braids and eyeliner

A Collection of Portraits

A collection of portraits by Katie Jane Villanueva

an open desktop that says chatroom

Virtual Love

Q, who are you?
A being that is capable of loving, and being happy.