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Favorite's Day: The Self-Care Day You Didn't Know You Needed

Favorites day can happen however much you need it, and it can be whatever you want. Wear your favorite clothes, even if they don’t match. Do all the small things that make you happy.

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Dear Idleness,

I freeze in place and then thaw. Thoughts trickle along in a spiral of longing aspiration.

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Creating Caring Community for Survivors through Transformative Justice

When replanting our roots after they have been ruptured, it is crucial we find soil forgiving enough to support our growth, healing, and rebirth.

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My Thanksgiving Spread of Gratitude

The crazy combination of emojis I’ve saved beside your name in my phone pops up, and I instantly smile. It’s a Facetime call, and when I answer, your face lights up my entire screen.

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5 Ways (that have worked for me) to Stay Present During Finals Season

Back in high school, I did not care at all about the holidays. 

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No, I Don’t Know What I’m Doing After Graduation

Returning to Grounds as a fourth year, I feel as though life is moving too fast and has suddenly gotten away from me.

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On Being a Writer: Conversations with UVA Creative Writing Students

When I was in first grade, I wished for the first time to be a writer. I pictured holding a book and running my finger over my name in embossed text on the cover of a pristine book jacket.

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Why I Sing: A Family History

My fondest childhood memories involved two simple things: a kitchen counter, and a song. 

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The Waves Within Me

Everyone around me is in constant motion, much like the waves roiling and knots coiling inside me. I so badly want to join in on the excitement. I want to enjoy the moment.

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You Are Enough: An Interview with MRSC Members

Cassie (she/her): Hi Emma Mei and Acacia, can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself? What year are you, what are your pronouns, what is your racial/ethnic identity, and how long have you been in Mixed Race Student Coalition (MRSC)