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9 Things I Learned from My Solo Spring Break

The Sunday night before spring break, after an Instagram direct message from my friend in Tallahassee, I decided to upend my plans to return home to wintery New Hampshire and instead travel south to sunny Florida.

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The Essence of Time

After watching the Oscar-winning movie Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, I was intrigued by how the characters were able to jump through dimensions and experience different realities based on the choices they made.

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I was driving home on an autumn evening
Accidentally on a backroad route
Leaves turning
John Mellencamp on the radio station – I’ve always loved the oldies – 

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To the Kids Who Wore School Uniforms: What Happened When You Came to College?

Let’s start with a story. The routine was like clockwork. My La La Land “City of Stars'' themed alarm would blare at 6:30am.

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As the leaves change color – gently falling in the late summer breeze, clinging to the humid days of August – and classes start to begin again, I’ve come back to UVA this year intending to make Charlottesville my own.

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Here is What I Did

Here is what I did when I first got here: I meticulously cleaned my apartment.

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When Labor and Love Meet

I’ve met both sisters of Persphone
one so unlike the other.

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My Love Letter to Charlottesville

I sometimes wonder if I have pockets full of invisible nickels that try to ground me on the days I don’t know what I’m doing.

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My Relationship with Infinity

Let me contemplate my relationship with infinity.

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Going with Your Flow: A Q&A with Amber Peake, President of PERIOD @ UVA

Nationally, PERIOD is an organization that fights period poverty and stigma through pillars of education and service and advocacy...