a person with heaphones on looking out a window with a purple background

My Car My House My Thoughts

body silhouettes dancing

Body Positive x Iris: Defining the Revolutionary

The revolutionary is an act of love.

some ladybugs sitting on green leaves


Did you know that ladybugs like honey?

three plates of food on green plates

How Romanticizing Our Meals Can Help

I didn’t always think I had to eat. Like many college students, I had a very bad habit of not prioritizing my body and, if anything at all, eating was a reward.

vases of flowers on a table with a sign that says free flowers

Free Flowers

Near Grounds, a kind stranger offered flowers to anyone who wanted them. 

An imagine of people at a table resembling the last supper scene

Recipe Refined

When I was in my junior year of high school, I wrote a piece for my end-of-the-year project in AP Language and Composition titled “Recipe.”

a red and purple scene with purple fists in the background

The ‘Lazy’ Generation Strikes Back

“We” being my generation—specifically those of us currently in college. We have been getting constantly ragged on for being lazy and disorganized, and uncaring.

a view of a lecture hall at UVA

Top 4 Places to Stress-Nap at UVA (Based on Personal Experience)

You’ve never seen me sleeping in New Cabellmind your business.

the shape of a uterus and ovaries against red background

Don't Get Your Ovaries in a Bunch

“Hang tight, man.”

Is what the doctor said to me before leaving to search for an ultrasound machine so they could make sure my ovaries hadn’t twisted and cut off their own blood supply.