Top 4 Places to Stress-Nap at UVA (Based on Personal Experience)

Top 4 Places to Stress-Nap at UVA (Based on Personal Experience)

                         You’ve Never Seen Me Sleeping in New Cabell—Mind Your Business.

#4 - Lecture  

photo of a lecture hall at UVA

To any of my professors reading this, this is a joke (me asleep in your class?). In all fairness, I never fall asleep in class on purpose. I spend too much on comically overpriced tuition just to fall asleep in class, and frankly, I’d rather not nod off in a stiff, plastic seat, squished next to 300 other sleep-deprived students in Wilson 402. Besides, if I really wanted a comfy place to sleep I could just skip and get the notes later...not that I’ve ever done that. There’s something about 50 minutes of nonstop monotone rambling, as you're surrounded by the body heat of hundreds of students, that just rocks you to sleep. As long as the lecture hall is big enough that the professor can’t directly see you, there are definitely worse places to take a nap.

#3 - New Cabell

a picture of the lounge in New Cabell Hall

This one might just be me because a lot of my classes are in New Cabell, and I always wind up finding a window where I can sit and cram before class anyway. While not the most private place, the windows do give you your own space to curl up. As long as you don’t mind strangers maybe seeing you for a split second as they pass by, it’s really not bad. On the other hand, if you’re looking for somewhere a little more comfy and a little less wooden, the first floor lounge is a good option. In that case, you're trading in a lot of that privacy for a soft couch, but it’s usually not super crowded, so it’s up to personal preference.

#2 - The Lawn

a picture of the Lawn

Although you absolutely have to watch out for rain, I am not going to lie and tell you I haven’t had some of the best stress-induced naps of my life laid out on the Lawn. Apart from being one of the few places where you can actually lie down, it’s just pleasant. Especially on a cool, early fall afternoon, with the sun shining and the beautiful UVA scenery—provided it’s not too cold, or raining, or too hot, or full of too many screaming children, or people who aren’t minding their business—it’s just nice. Point is, if you catch it at the right time, a Lawn-nap is fantastic.

#1 - Bottom Floor of Clark Library

A picture of the stacks in Clark Hall

It gets so quiet, if you told me this is what death actually sounds like, I would believe you. Plus, it’s nice that a lot of the tables and desks have little dividers that give you a sense of privacy. The labyrinth of bookshelves also keeps you a bit separated from everyone else, especially if you catch one of the small one-person tables. The ceiling is very low, so it’s not the best place for those with claustrophobia (or those of us cursed with slightly above average height), and the chairs aren’t the most comfortable, but what it lacks in cushions, it makes up for in privacy and quiet. This is actually one of my favorite places to study when I’m stressed anyway, so points for convenience as well. Let’s be honest, stress-naps are more about being able to collapse in private for 10 minutes before your deadline than getting your own cushy bed anyway.

Most important, don’t forget to set an alarm before you sleep through your deadline! Not that I’ve ever done that!