Blood of Love

Blood of Love

Kim Salac
Media Staff

Darling, how enchanting it is to be
the teeth sunk into the edge of your neck

how by your poisoned lips i come to die
with black velvet touch on the small of your back

because i love you the way death loves a rose
the way god loves building legions of ghosts

My Dear won’t you please just hold me tighter,
cling like a spectre, like shadows to your ankles

waltz with me in wine-toned lace with daggers
hidden under shredded rubied organza

through our graveyard, a ballroom in twilight
wind howling hellish odes to the light

Darling i love you the way monsters love
the pitch black spaces under hidden bed frames

i would burn down every grave, every cloud above
if only you’d stay with me, such a shame

i won’t get to die by your hand tonight
for i hear them coming, monsters looking for fright

they smell the blood of our love on the floor
My Dear, My Darling, our love is no more