Caroline Silvera

Caroline Silvera


Caroline is a third year double majoring in Youth and Social Innovation and Latin American Studies. She is interested in disparities in the K-12 education system, empowering youth to be proud of their identities, immigration, and identity. Outside of writing for Iris, she loves to collage, paint, and spends most of her time watching reality tv shows and using all of her flex dollars on Chick-fil-A.

canvas paintings on easels

My body, mind, and soul are a solar system

Made up of hundreds of moons, millions of asteroids, and a multitude of planets

The depth of my composition largely unexplored

purple iris flowers blooming from an open human palm

When replanting our roots after they have been ruptured, it is crucial we find soil forgiving enough to support our growth, healing, and rebirth.

Book with magic

Behind every lyrical and poetic genius, however, is a growing writer that had to start somewhere too.

hand painting a blue gift box

My family has a long tradition of creating handmade gifts for each other.

cassette tape

Who were our parents as children? What were their hopes, dreams and desires? What did they have to give up in order to become adults? What parts of them slowly faded into distant memory, slipping away with each new second, minute, month, or milestone? 

Yellow hands, holding a blue phone and choosing to decline the call, with green text messages surrounding the phone,

I wish you knew what I was up to. 

Colorful geometric background with music notes streaming into the distance

At eight years old, plead with your father to turn off the Spanish-language songs blaring from the radio. “English songs only!” you demand, longing to find a sense of familiarity in the lyrics of the songs you listened to.