Cheyenne Butler

Cheyenne Butler


Cheyenne is a fourth year History major and Russian minor. She enjoys learning about the history of gender and sexuality at the intersection of law and society. She is passionate about film (her favorite film is Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love) and enjoys spending quality time with friends. When she is not studying, writing, or working on research, you can find her on the phone with her grandmother, going for drinks and food  with friends, and enjoying all that Charlottesville and UVA have to offer. 


curtain being peeled back

As fourth-year students, my friend and I wanted to celebrate our final spring break with a bang, so naturally, we took a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

figures of womens bodies pole dancing

Yes, I took a pole dancing class. Anyone who knows me is likely unsurprised since I’ve been wanting to take one for quite some time.

hand holding pen with magic coming out of it

A creative force in the purest form, here is what Ella has to say about her work, her time at Iris, and her professional and authorial goals. 

hands holding a gift

1. Burnett’s Liquor 

If they’re over 21, this is an insult.  

burning fire with hearts

The love I had for you 

I did not know where to let it rest

A girl in a dark blue coat looking over a casket at a funeral.

Inside New Mt. Zion church, in front of the pulpit, lay the body of a man I’d never known nor seen a day in my life.

Birthday cake with candles that say twenty-one

There are twenty-one of me

inside of me

One for each year of life 

on this Earth 

Image of coat hangers

You know what. I’ll say it. I liked working in retail. For me, most days going to work meant an opportunity to play dress up with guests, engage with the broad spectrum of the human condition, and get people to spend their money–or even better, their partners’ money.

image of flowers

Not long ago, I was a high school student who had assigned readings. Some novels I loved, some I hated, and many I’d forgotten about. However, four years after I read Kate Chopin’s 1899 novel The Awakening in the twelfth  grade, the piece of literature once again crossed my mind.

Abstract image of teacups

I asked my mother all the pressing questions, and she came with all the answers. 

Red Stiletto

The streets– meaning an amalgamation of Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, fashion websites and blogs– are predicting that the peplum dress you wore to your 7th grade promotion ceremony will be back in style sooner than you think. 

Image of a heart shaped lollipop

Let's do a little exercise. Think of the attributes women often list when talking about the guys she’s dating or has just started talking to. How does she describe him?