Ella Powell

Ella Powell


Ella is a third year double majoring in English and Media Studies with a focus on policy and ethics. She is interested in studying the relationship between mass media and politics and wishes to find restorative solutions for the way information is currently presented to the public through the media. She intends to study either law or journalism following undergrad. In her free time, Ella writes as a columnist for the Cavalier Daily Life section, enjoys making her own jewelry, going to concerts, and thrift shopping with friends. 

mom and daughter as hearts holding hands

We sit across from each other, hands wrapped around our warm lavender mochas—almost mirror images of each other.

person sleeping bed

I freeze in place and then thaw. Thoughts trickle along in a spiral of longing aspiration.

a dandelion against a bright blue sky

I plead and prod

For the answers to your hurt.

I wait, which is to say I wilt.

portrait of Cheyenne

As writers, we cannot leave little details like this alone. We are the instigators of the world, attributing meaning to everything. Rightfully so, because this is how we get to the heart of issues that matter. Cheyenne uncovers the lingering truth to a mysterious break up that leaves you wondering…what happened there?

a cup of floating blue liquid

I walk down Colonial Ave. on my way to my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Stella. They’re open from 6:30 a.m. — 10 p.m. every weekday, so I’m shocked to see that they’re closed at 11am on a Wednesday.

hands writing a list

The crazy combination of emojis I’ve saved beside your name in my phone pops up, and I instantly smile. It’s a Facetime call, and when I answer, your face lights up my entire screen.

small girl walking through a river in a forest

There was a beautiful girl who lived mostly in her head. She wasn’t beautiful for any notable extrinsic features. She looked quite normal, but radiated a natural essence of charm. Her name was Ruby.

bunch of colorheads with glinting earrings

I am instantly hit by an unforgiving wave of humidity and booming trap music. There are tons of people around me dancing, drinking and making out, but they all seem adrift.

Memories coming out of a person's head on a neon green and blue background

My camera roll is a time capsule that launches my brain back to a specific space.

person listening to music with headphones on

This photo was taken on a Tuesday morning before a long day of classes. Tuesday is by far my busiest day of the week, yet I conjure up the funkiest outfit possible in the small window of time I have before inevitably running late to my 11 am class.