Kimia Nikseresht


Kimia (CLAS 2017) wrote and edited at Iris before graduating from UVA and going on to receive her law degree from George Mason University. 

planner with no entries

Since my second week of undergraduate classes at the University of Virginia in 2013, I have found a companion in my planner. My beautiful, color-coordinated, perfectly designed planner.

The word "Nancy Gibbs" handwritten with hand drawn lightening bolts around it.

Here’s a name you might not know: Nancy Gibbs.

Iris Reading List: Immigration

If you’re anything like us, you love to read (and you love to read Iris, am I right?).

20 January, 2017.

Normal day.

21 January, 2017.

#Shootyourshot2016: Top 5 Relationship Lessons from 2016

December is always the month of reflection, as we attempt to make sense of the last 12 months and, feminist or not, come to terms with that fact that we are one year older and don’t feel that much wiser. In fact, this January, we may actually feel dumber – think about it… We don’t have a female president.

It's Not You, It's Me: Top 5 Heartbreak Lessons from 2016

You know that feeling when your heart drops, your hands start shaking, and the whole world seems to disappear as you try to read that blurry “we need to talk” text through your uncontrollable tears?

Acknowledge the diva within you
All guys know that they are never allowed to talk about a girl’s weight. Absolutely never.
But why?
It is a fact that everyone has flaws.