Miriella Jiffar

Miriella Jiffar
Editorial Staff


Miriella is a third year double majoring in English: Modern and Global Studies, and Cognitive Science with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology. She is interested in studying the relationship between the brain, language and writing, and hopes to go into journalism after college. In her free time, she is the editor of the Cavalier Daily’s Life Section, volunteers at the Fralin Museum with the Student Engagement Council, and loves to read in the library at La Maison Française! 


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An ode, an homage to these storied Ethiopian highlands, a chess board of the gods as Homer once said, where goats and shepherds have become their chess pieces, shrouded in the gauzy mist of early dawn. A curious goatherd rolls the beans up and down the length of his sun-kissed calloused fingers—a tradition is born.

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Ask anyone on the Iris staff, it’s Lindsey’s unique voice that remains with them, the words are always alive, breathing off the page. Lindsey says she has little writing experience, but between you and me, she’s just being modest. 


We all know what happens to the body when it reaches the end of life.

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Just over two weeks ago, I sat down (albeit over Zoom) for a conversation with University of Virginia’s Vice President for Finance, and Chief Financial Officer, Augie Maurelli, to talk about all things tuition for Iris Magazine. 

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I recently started watching the Netflix TV series Shadow and Bone over spring break, adapted from the seven novels that span Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse.

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4 p.m. January 21st. An unassuming, relatively normal Saturday afternoon. The day I finally decided to cut off all my hair. 

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My fluttering feet had splashed up into the air–suspending, if just for a moment–in that beautiful, blissful moment when an overwhelming sea of blue rushed and rippled over my streamlined body as I swam in my neighborhood pool.

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Amidst the positive reception of the HEAAL tours, there are still some questions left unanswered. 

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Aethiopia, Abyssinia, Askum, Kush
All names thrown around by history books, by scholars 
Attempting to intellectualize, rationalize, standardize 
the place my parents call home 

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For first-year students, these historical tours are a vital step to understanding the place they will be inhabiting for the next four years.

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In their first year, seven members of the class of 2023 — Kyndall, Amanda, Chloe, Dianna, Ephrata, Ida and Abena — took a historical tour as part of a requirement for one of their classes, the genesis of what would become the HEAAL tours for first-year students three years later.