Pasha McGuigan

Pasha McGuigan

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Pasha is a fourth year studying English and Cognitive Science. When she’s not scrambling to get her Iris drafts in on time, she enjoys hanging out in coffee shops, digging around in thrift stores, and lifting semi-heavy things at the gym. She loves spending time with her friends, watching good-bad television, and buying her dog too many toys.

megan fox from the movie jennifers body with a lighter to her tongue in a box next to boxes of green jar

It has never been easier to romanticize your life.

a yellow dining room table surrounded by red

I just bought a dining table for my apartment. It is two months into the school year and almost half a year since my lease started. Why the delay?

a black form surrounds a pink dressed person

Like a quarter thrown into a fountain for good luck, the full moon shone bright against the fog-and-cloud marbled October sky.

transparent shapes of people sitting on a bus

Clean the cobwebs out of your ears, my dear,

you are putting yourself back together

and I want you to hear me as I say this:

you are ready to step into yourself

eyes watching, layers of eyes

Teach me to look in your eyes:

close or wide set. Cold sweat.

A duet. Now do it: all I feel


is tension: the peripheral view:

gravity: veiled exhales: my abdominal

cavity. I used to: avert my eyes


when someone noticed me. Now

it’s long skirts: printed shirts: watch me

hourglasses laid over top one another

I have a confession to make: lately, I’ve been struggling to keep myself together. I miss deadlines, forget to text people back. Turn things in exactly at 11:59pm. Call it the mid-semester reckoning, or midterm season, or simply being burnt out, but I (and I’m sure many of you) do not know how to manage it lately.

a bunch of pink and orange peaches with light green and brown leaves

Nacho table, extension cords, a locket
lost in the couch. This house crept up
on me like a new year: it was judiciously
January when one day I woke up
to December frosting hello on my window.
When I moved in, after a summer spent inert,
the floor was covered in dead crickets and dirt.

a green and white disposable camera on a light green and yellow background with black stripes

I tear the crinkly green wrapper open as I’m stepping out of the CVS. Hands searching the smooth, plastic exterior for the tiny ribbed circle wheel in the upper right corner. The black and lime disposable camera is so light in my hands, I wonder how it can capture anything at all.

blurry golden drips and lights

The average color of the universe is cosmic latte—a light beige. Not a dark, swirling black or a brilliant flash of yellow. A warm, boring, in the middle beige. Perfectly suited for Goldilocks.

two planets in two separate panels, one yellow one blue

“There is no springtime on Venus, nor 

any other season—no seasons in hell!”

- Allan Treiman

Who named Venus the planet 

of love? Yes, it’s bright, blinding 

as lust’s hot passion. Year round 

the forecast reads a balmy 870 

beige and green stripe marks as if raked

The package was heavier than she expected. She ripped the flimsy duct tape from the seams of the box and pulled out what was inside: a book. Paperback, pages tattered, worn from overuse. The corners of her lips mirrored the curled page corners as she started to smile and hugged the book close to her body.

blue human skeletons on a brown and orange background

I dream that a dinosaur walks 

into a museum and doesn’t know 

it’s him in the middle of the display. 

As I tell him, his razortooth-lined jaw 

drops in dismay. It’s a mistake,

he roars, a jewel tear rolling

down his face. I take his stubby claw