anything anymore

anything anymore

Kim Salac
Media Staff

Read this to the song "But Beautiful" by Samara Joy feat. Pasquale Grasso

I remember the first time I saw them, and I think I almost passed out. Maybe it was the way they just sat by themselves or the way they looked in the world of their own, and I knew then.…I wanted to be in that world. I wanted us to have a world of our own.

Love is everything. A noun and a verb.


It was the best of everything that you could ever feel. I can still feel it right now beating in my chest. Love is everything. A noun and a verb.  It is the feeling of never wanting to let go because once you do it’s over and it never comes back.

I know I see myself as a hopeless romantic, but I truly do believe there’s one love in your life. And this was it, finally. After all of the false love I have felt, I knew that this one was true.

But beautiful
Beautiful to take a chance
and if you fall you fall
and I’m thinking
I wouldn’t mind at all

Slowly the anniversaries started to fill our livessix months, half a year, then finally in a blink of an eye it was five years. I’m not sure how much one is supposed to grow from year to year, but I know we grew together.

I couldn’t wait for us to get to six years, just counting down the hours and the days. I like to think that my favorite part of the day isn’t waiting to see them–but the moment that I see them recognize me. The me that we got to build and the me that is still recognizable to me. And not because of them but because of me. I wanted to be my own person, the one they knew.

You have no choice but to become blinded by this feeling


"If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?" I think about this Brave quote whenever I think about them because I wouldn’t change anything with us. I love the way they exist. The way I can love them gives me breath, as I can also feel the love we share with each other.

People speak about how love blinds you. Maybe it’s the tears you weep as you feel that love, so your vision becomes so blurry and overwhelming; You have no choice but to become blinded by this feeling. Having the opportunity to be consumed by this exuberant expression of self is the one thing I would never give up. I want us to be something always.