Sadie Randall

Sadie Randall

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sadie is a fourth year majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Architecture. She is passionate about space, art, and self expression. When she’s not in class you can find her hanging with friends, sleeping, doing crafts, or listening to music.

period products against green background

Nationally, PERIOD is an organization that fights period poverty and stigma through pillars of education and service and advocacy...

a white shattered heard surrounded by broken red blocks

This is the last time I’ll ever come here.

three anatomical hearts with a green heart in the middle of two orange hearts

I remember the first time I saw them, and I think I almost passed out.

form of a person's legs in pink against blue background

I scheduled my life around these substances while I was home in Houston; the amount of Netflix and fanfiction I consumed comprised a heaping portion of my one meal a day.

a view of a small downtoawn with buildings side by side

i’ve always found small towns an interesting concept. to have everyone know you throughout your life, see your best moments, and hardest tragedies.

rain drop spattering on the ground against blue background

i must
the rain
pitter pattering on the ground

outline of a person walking past a table

The longer you stare at something the scarier it gets. And sadly, that’s your most used sense. Your sight. Your eyes.

hand with floating clock faces

Everything takes time. whether it be a short amount or the entirety of your existence. and now we enter a space where no matter how much practice we give ourselves we still feel unprepared.

dim blue and purple lighting over a row of diner booths

This is the origin of June and how she became a villain no one could stop.

portrait of a young Black woman with blue-purple swirls coming off other head

1 out of 6

Okay, please gather around the tree; we’re just missing one person. One, two, three, four, five, six … nineteen.
Oh, were you here the whole time?


Okay, well, let’s go ahead and introduce ourselves: name, major, and hometown.

a blue cube on a swirling background with windows and two smaller cubes, colored with pink and green, respectively, inside of it

When I was eleven years old, I came back from camp, and lo and behold, the white bedroom walls I had left behind were now pink. Not a soft pink you’d have for a newborn, but a bold, fierce pink that gave me just one thought: “I hate it.” When my mother told me there was a surprise waiting for me at home, I had not expected this.

The Road Not Taken

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both”

- Robert Frost


Two sides of the same coin

Stuck on the edge

Between the grooves

Waiting to fall

Now I’ll go