where you lead

where you lead

Kim Salac
Media Staff

i’ve always found small towns an interesting concept. to have everyone know you throughout your life, see your best moments, and hardest tragedies.

I mean, this environment is what I craved, being from a large metropolis, when looking at my future. and now here i am in charlottesville. a small city technically but when thinking about the space, U V A. it’s a small town. the “academical village,” oh so mighty. not really but there are so many people that can know you without you knowing them here.

there’s a feeling of finally experiencing something you’ve waited a long time for, that adrenaline rush to feel excitement and nervousness. because there is a what-if moment, asking yourself, “am i dreaming?” well of course you could be, for even our wildest dreams can haunt us. i want to say that i am starting to feel the melancholy that comes with the ending of a journey. how can you hold onto something that was never truly yours?

this space we occupy is not ours, as it follows a timeline of existence. the small moments we pick up at each stop in our life, taking as long or as minuscule of a blink of the eye as it needs. i can wait [that’s what we should tell ourselves] for what is coming up next. i am in no rush to fast forward to the next part of my life, even though i could escape the pain now. who says it will not follow me?

connection offers so much warmth, vis-à-vis the comfort culture you create with something or someone. that is the feeling i get when leaving a large metropolis and entering a small town, like Stars Hollow. the infamous hometown of Rory Gilmore. that is what i imagined i should strive for as a student. i never truly felt comfortable at school, but instead found it in shows, so i could escape.

i yearned for the same experience whenever i saw a show about teenagers. i wanted to find that sense of “normalcy.” i grew up going to the same all-girls school for seven years. there was no growth, just additional pain that kept building until i graduated. and now that i’m about to graduate college, in the middle, i can say i’m still searching for that something. i just want something that can give me peace for a longer period of time, or one that feels like it

because i’ll follow.