Elizabeth Bangura

Elizabeth Bangura

Lizz is currently a fourth year majoring in the Area Program in Literary Prose and double majoring in Media Studies. She enjoys using art to create social commentaries and promote social justice. In her free time she enjoys sleeping, vibing to music, sleeping, eating and cooking, sleeping, hanging out with friends and sleeping. She looks forward to the day she resides in her Fenty house, sitting in her Fenty clothes, on her Fenty couch, watching her Fenty TV, with her Fenty water in hand.

As we tried to come to terms with the quarantine and all it brought crashing down on us (farewell, UVA friends and life), we started cobbling together our recommendations for what to watch and read and play. Some of us had big lists, some small. Some of us had a lot to say, some of us little. That’s kind of how it’s all been.

illustration of window looking out at picture of makeshift hospital beds


When I think of ellipses, I think of more to come. Or depending on its placement, sometimes it means there was something before. I’m not sure where my placement of ellipses goes in this piece—or what it represents. I’m not sure where my placement in this world is at the moment.

As I begin my journey into womanhood, I find things such as starting a family crossing my mind more and more. I think: When do I want to start having children? How many do I want? How much time does that give me to plan my own life and career?

Illustration of graduation cap

As I begin my fourth and final year at the prestigious University of Virginia (thank God), I realize I find myself feeling a combination of three ways:

  1. Excited
  2. Relieved
  3. Terrified

I’m excited because I'm leaving. I’m relieved because I’m leaving. And I am terrified because… I have to leave.

Joseph Conrad next to the cover of Heart of Darkness with two question marks

Trigger Warning: Explicit Language


Pictures of famous controversial black celebrities

And... just like that February came and went. The month of love. The last month of winter and— oh yeah did I mention Black History Month?

Red question mark on an orange background


1.     Does the thought of Valentine’s Day make you wanna:

a.     Gag.

A big sun surrounded by a halo in a black background


“I found God in myself. And I loved her. I loved her fiercely.” -  Ntozake Shange


I am trying to find the God in myself.

Ghost dancing in front of a red background

1. When I was in elementary school, my mom used to style my hair in cornrows.

Rotunda with a welcome banner

My first year at the University of Virginia was absolute shit. And that’s not an exaggeration. For every second of every day, I literally wished I was anywhere else but here.