March 4, 2024

portrait of Eryn in blue

It might seem “obvious” to Eryn that she wouldn’t get the prestigious internship, but anyone familiar with her work knows she’s going places.

Cassie Dallas

Book with magic

Behind every lyrical and poetic genius, however, is a growing writer that had to start somewhere too.

Caroline Silvera

hands reaching out of a computer screen

To be honest, I was quaking in my boots over writing this feature.

Lindsey Smith

portrait of Cheyenne

As writers, we cannot leave little details like this alone. We are the instigators of the world, attributing meaning to everything.

Ella Powell

Girl in a blue sweatshirt holding a cat

Maybe writing is, I don't know, like a good sister.

Jordan Coleman

Portrait of Jordan

We’re an interesting pair: two people tired from the week, yet talking about writing on our night off. But for Jordan Coleman...

Eryn Rhodes

Portrait of Lindsey

Ask anyone on the Iris staff, it’s Lindsey’s unique voice that remains with them, the words are always alive, breathing off the page.

Miriella Jiffar

hand holding pen with magic coming out of it

A creative force in the purest form, here is what Ella has to say about her work, her time at Iris, and her professional and authorial goa

Cheyenne Butler

hand holding letter

This issue, we are telling the "Story of Iris," which is to say we are telling the story of the writers behind Iris. We paired ou

Jasmine Wang

photo of mary, miriella, and jasmine

Mary has lived many lives, as a journalist for People nagazine, a Georgetown University professor, a Discovery Channel documentarian, and

Jasmine Wang

Portrait of Caroline

Caroline Silvera applied to Iris magazine one year ago as a second year without any writing experience. Surprising right?

Bailey Middleton

Portrait of Bailey in orange

About a year ago, one of Bailey’s poems hooked me onto Iris as a new reader. Today, as a fellow Iris writer, I get to talk to Baile

Susannah Baker

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