May 6, 2022

records alternate in black and red and white and teal

We’ve all heard about which Beatles album or obscure 90s indie band every music nerd insists is the pinnacle of musical creation, but what about th

Andi Sink

an image of a person on top of a boat sail

When Little Boy spent summers at the sea

Andi Sink

circles arranged like a tray of food in orange tones

the aftermath of living—
have we ever thought about it?

Muntaqa Zaman

a set of bowls in blue shades

Let me contemplate my relationship with infinity.

Juliana Callen

spider plants hanging in pots

I sometimes wonder if I have pockets full of invisible nickels that try to ground me on the days I don’t know what I’m doing.

Chloe Lyda

quote bubbles with one in the center that says "F*CK UVA"

“Maybe I’m biased because I don’t like him.”

Chloe Lyda

arms holding up envelopes

Letter from the editor for the final issue of the 2021-22 academic year.

Lexi Toufas

a person looking at the observer with black braids and eyeliner

A collection of portraits by Katie Jane Villanueva

two hands holding fruit

I’ve met both sisters of Persphone
one so unlike the other.

Yumna Rahman

a person with their head on folded arms

Here is what I did when I first got here: I meticulously cleaned my apartment.

Muntaqa Zaman

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