October 21, 2022

Image of paintbrush with red splatters

Red splashed against Presley's face, staining her clothes and caking in her hair.

Bailey Middleton

Image of a hand clutching purple sheets

His scent envelops
swallowing all that is mine 

Cheyenne Butler

Image of falling leaves

The morning air felt thick with secrecy, and the forest beyond the porch beckoned Jack into its pulsing green heart.

Jasmine Wang

Image of two hands reaching out for each other

I blame you for everything –
I blame myself for even more.
I’m dumb and stubborn; you, careless.

Kiki McLaughlin

Image of two hands with tweezers

They’re all the same, really, Mari thinks as she straightens her stiff, white coat and brushes a stray auburn hair back into her claw clip

Hailey Robbins

Image of plant roots taking hold

This article was written during the Spring 2022 semester, but was never published.

Miriella Jiffar

Image of hands holding voter ballots

Texas has its gubernatorial election this November. As a Texan and Virginian, I keep talking about the election.

Eryn Rhodes

Image of Iris flowers

That is what ghosts are to me–evidence of previous existence.

Andi Sink

Image of plant roots taking hold

Self-governance has the potential to cultivate ingenuity, trust and leadership among the student body at the University. 

Miriella Jiffar

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