November 23, 2022

Image of Miriella Jiffar

Aethiopia, Abyssinia, Askum, Kush
All names thrown around by history books, by scholars 

Miriella Jiffar

image of sparkling mirror

I hated my mother for a long time. And right now, I cringe at the sight of those words on a page because I have never uttered them out loud, much l

Jasmine Wang

image of reflected faces

I can’t bear
To draw self-portraits of myself.
I don’t trust mirrors
And I don’t trust my eyes.

Wendy Gao

Image of plant roots taking hold

Amidst the positive reception of the HEAAL tours, there are still some questions left unanswered. 

Miriella Jiffar

Image of a lightbulb

To the everyday people I encounter– my parents’ co-worker, the friend of a friend, that one politics department alumni, and a handful of people in

Eryn Rhodes

Image of a tea pot

It is tea time and Mary, Queen of Scots is sitting next to me on a rickety bench on a gritty sidewalk. Up the hill is a stone castle.

Hailey Robbins

Image of the progress flag

It fills my body 
Fills my body so full of light 
I am almost bursting at the seams with 

Bailey Middleton

Image of a county fair in the distance

I was driving home on an autumn evening
Accidentally on a backroad route
Leaves turning

Kiki McLaughlin

Image of a heart shaped lollipop

Let's do a little exercise. Think of the attributes women often list when talking about the guys she’s dating or has just started talking to.

Cheyenne Butler

Image of hands holding a letter

It is my firm belief that all writing is, at its core, about community.

Andi Sink

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