November 26, 2023

splotches of color: purple, pink, orange

Dear Man with the Matches, 

Do you remember seeing a gaggle of college kids making their way down the street late one night?

Bailey Middleton

hand painting a blue gift box

My family has a long tradition of creating handmade gifts for each other.

Caroline Silvera

streaks of pink

Start with a mantra. And a mirror. 

The same words, daily. 

Cassie Dallas

blue squiggles that look like waves

Back in high school, I did not care at all about the holidays. 

Lindsey Smith

hands writing a list

The crazy combination of emojis I’ve saved beside your name in my phone pops up, and I instantly smile.

Ella Powell

a plane, a train, a car

Once a year, in the midst of the holiday oasis of Thanksgiving, my immediate family stops for one, pumpkin-pie-scented moment.

Susannah Baker

hands holding a gift

1. Burnett’s Liquor 

If they’re over 21, this is an insult.  

Cheyenne Butler

hand holding a letter

Dear Beloved Reader,

Jasmine Wang

3 going out tops

Walking into a dimly lit room, bass vibrations rattling the windows, I look around—the women are in uniform. So am I. The year is 2023.

Eryn Rhodes

dying flowers on a windowsill

The theologian Kallistos Ware wrote that Now is all we really have: the past and future exist only conceptually, framed by present experience.

Emily Miller

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