November 4th, 2022

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Is “fast fashion” really that bad if it's affordable? 

Bailey Middleton

pink boots

Over fall break, I was in Boston with one of my good friends to look at law schools.

Kiki McLaughlin

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Let’s start with a story. The routine was like clockwork.

Miriella Jiffar

scissors cutting hair

When I was in high school, I looked very different.

Eryn Rhodes


I never thought I’d be able to say that I became best friends with a Scottish drag queen after winning a dance contest that had me death-dropping o

Hailey Robbins

Artistic rendition of Taylor Swift

Whether you love or hate her music (and I, for one, hope you love it), you have to acknowledge that Taylor Swift is a master of reinventing herself

Hailey Robbins

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3 interviews with UVA students to compare how they approach personal style 

Cheyenne Butler

UVA students

Short interviews with various UVA students on how they approach their own style, where they draw inspiration from, and where they like to shop.

Jasmine Wang

Image of hands holding a letter

This issue, we delve into all the ways we use clothes to communicate.

Andi Sink

Image of plant roots taking hold

In their first year, seven members of the class of 2023 — Kyndall, Amanda, Chloe, Dianna, Ephrata, Ida and Abena — took a historical tour as part o

Miriella Jiffar

Image of plant roots taking hold

For first-year students, these historical tours are a vital step to understanding the place they will be inhabiting for the next four years.

Miriella Jiffar

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