March 25, 2024

orange leaf falling on water

my grandfather knows trees

like I know the bark of his calloused hands

their leaves, their roots, their flowers

Susannah Baker

coffee pot and cup of coffee

An ode, an homage to these storied Ethiopian highlands, a chess board of the gods as Homer once said, where goats and shepherds have become their c

Miriella Jiffar

a dandelion against a bright blue sky

I plead and prod

For the answers to your hurt.

I wait, which is to say I wilt.

Ella Powell

figures of womens bodies pole dancing

Yes, I took a pole dancing class. Anyone who knows me is likely unsurprised since I’ve been wanting to take one for quite some time.

Cheyenne Butler

brick roads or blue background with a door

I knock, gently, on the door, but there is no answer. Perhaps I am at the wrong address.

Lindsey Smith

purple iris flowers blooming from an open human palm

When replanting our roots after they have been ruptured, it is crucial we find soil forgiving enough to support our growth, healing, and rebirth.

Caroline Silvera

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