April 15, 2024

bare tree with raindrops falling from it

What do you do when you’re sad?

I stand tall. 

I become like a tree: 

Bailey Middleton

girl wearing green dress wading through water

Do you see me as I see myself in your reflection?

Looking down on your water that coats my skin a color I share with all 

Diana Zhang

red open mouth with bacteria in the back of throat

The red dress I had planned on wearing to my boyfriend’s winter formal, coincidentally, happened to be the same shade of red as the back of my thro

Lindsey Smith

person sleeping bed

I freeze in place and then thaw. Thoughts trickle along in a spiral of longing aspiration.

Ella Powell

Joshua Tree National Park

The sky is pale blue closer to the ragged spines of the outcroppings

Mary Margaret Lea

canvas paintings on easels

My body, mind, and soul are a solar system

Made up of hundreds of moons, millions of asteroids, and a multitude of planets

Caroline Silvera

a kpop girl group

My K-pop origin story all began with a YouTube React video.

Jordan Coleman

letter above a middle school

Middle school, almost by definition, is not supposed to be a place where anyone thrives.

Susannah Baker

figure of a girl hugging herself

Favorites day can happen however much you need it, and it can be whatever you want. Wear your favorite clothes, even if they don’t match.

Cassie Dallas

curtain being peeled back

As fourth-year students, my friend and I wanted to celebrate our final spring break with a bang, so naturally, we took a spontaneous trip to Las Ve

Cheyenne Butler

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